Who We Are

At Ranger Cadets, our vision is to empower and prepare young people with the skills and tools for life, changing their own world and positively influence the world around them. Our mission is to ensure we provide young people with opportunities and experiences to learn, grow and discover themselves in a safe, fun and caring environment, equipping them with the skills and tools for life so that they are ready to create change and positively influence their world around them.

We are a non-political and non-religious youth organisation that is open and welcoming to everyone regardless of their background. Our overall aim is to prepare our next generation of young people preparing them for their adult lives and give them the tools and skills to live independently and successful. 

At Ranger Cadets our values are very important to us, our main core values are:


Respect for Others

Young Person Led/Centred

Safe and Inclusive

Professional and Collaborative Experiences


Our Cadets are our main priority, we care about their growth and development and want them to become the best version of themselves. 

Our Cadets will build strength, confidence, courage and respect through our programme. 

We teach our cadets our core main values of team work, respecting yourself and others around you, the importance of surrounding yourself within a safe enviroment and the ability to allow others to feel included. We will provide our cadets with professional and collaborative experiences so they receive the best outcome and experiences. 

Our Uniform

At Ranger Cadets our Uniform represents character, progress and achievement. Our young people will part take in fun, challenging and rewarding activities that will help build up their knowledge, strength and mindfulness. 


Our cadets will be given the task to complete certain missions and challenges and in return they will receive and earn a range of different badges for their uniforms.


They will gain accreditations in a wide range of topics and feel a sense of belonging and achievement.

Our end result

We want to see our Cadets who we care about grow, learn and develop whilst they are with us. We are driven to ensure our opportunities and experiences have had a huge impact on our young people and that when they leave the Ranger Cadets they are more than Prepared for Life

We want our Cadets to leave the Ranger Cadets with strong friendships and a great support system. We want them to feel strong, confident and ready to go out into the real world with the mindset to want to create change and positively influence their world around them.