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Get involved with Ranger Cadets UK Youth by participating in one of our many exciting events and activities. We plan various challenges that enable you and our cadets to feel challenged in areas of creativity, sport, academic and problem solving! This way we can help you and our cadets #prepareforlife

Kick-box, cycle, run, swim, row, play tennis, paint or come up with your own challenge that will provide our cadets with the ability to #prepareforlife

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we are always open to new challenges!

Upcoming Events


Want to run with the Ranger Cadets next year? Preparing yourself for a great challenge like this may be exactly what you need. We will help you to train and gain the strength as a team to run this Marathon! 



Do you like to organise your own fundraisers? Whether that’s a pub quiz, or a comedy night, dress down at school or work, coffee morning or cake sales, why not do a fundraiser to help Ranger Cadets? You can do whatever you enjoy doing that can raise funds and help us achieve some great things. We’d absolutely love you to do it for the young people of Ranger Cadets. Your giving will help change the lives and impact the future of thousands of young people every year.


Partnership is fundamental to the way we work. We believe that the outcomes Ranger Cadets deliver are likely to be supportive of the social responsibility aims of many businesses. Based in England, we aim at “a meeting of worlds”, bringing together the country to the advantage of both business and Ranger Cadets.